ZnakThe town Bruntál is situated in the north-east part in the Czech Republic, in the west part of the Nízký Jeseník. Bruntál is also situated in Silesia, 70 km from the town Ostrava, 250 km from the capital city Prague. It's attitude is 547 m, it is called "the gateaway to Jeseníky."


Area: 3 016 ha
Population: 17 387 (1.2.2010)



The oldest written mention about Bruntál is in the Uničovská charter of King Přemysl Otakar I. of year 1233, from which it can be concluded that it was founded around the year 1213, it was the first settlement with the Magdeburg city law in the Czech lands. The order of Teutonic Knights town got in 1621, a gradual decline was in the 18 century due to disaster of the Thirty Years War in the 17th century., plague and fires, 18th century., 1918 - 1938 city development, in October 1938, occupied by soldiers of the Nazi Germany, 7th od May 1945 it liberated by the Soviet army.


Historical buildings, monuments and sights

Bruntál castle (start the 2nd half of the 16th century). Castle Park (16 century), Dean's Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (13th century). Complex of the church of the Virgin Mary Utěšitelka and monastery of Piarists (1731-1757), Baroque pilgrimage church of the Virgin Mary Pomocná on the Uhlířský vrch (1755-1765), from which leads 1 km long four-row linden avenue to the town (from 1760), with the way of the Cross, Evangelical church (1887), Cemetery chapel of the saint Michael (1674), Gabriel's House (mid 16th century). Cultural house (neo-Renaissance building), Mildner's villa (early 20th century). The historical center was declared an urban conservation area with a protective zone.

ZámekEvangelický kostelGabrielův důmMildnerova vilaZámecký parkKostel Nanebevzetí Panny Marie

Traditional industry

Mining of precious metals has long been a major source of prosperity of the town (it also shows urban character), the town was a center of crafts guilds and major market center, the development of industrial and textile industry (18th cent.), after the war it were built new races.

Current industry

Among the largest businesses include traditional manufacturers of flax yarn Moravolen, specialized plastics and toolmaker company Alfa Plastik, OSRAM firm, which deals with production of tungsten, food companies such as dairy in Jesenice, Limova, installers Linaset and Gardena.

Regular events

New Year's output in the Uhlířský Hill, „Okolo Harty" – memorial of Petr Hábl, International evening run across Bruntál, Terry Fox run, a youth soccer tournament, a Christmas carp Run, Christmas Basketball Tournament, Earth Day.

Important natives and personalities

Johan Krištof Handke (Moravian Baroque painter), Rudolf Templer (creator of religious paintings), Erich Hlaváček Hürden (painter of Jeseníky), Hanns Bruno Wittek (poet), Karel Ptáčník (writer), Teresa Kronesová (opera singer), Engelbert Adam (author of games , the first owner of the local movie theater), Karel Anton Gebauer (profesor at the university in Vienna), Ernst Ludwig (founder of forensic medicine), Emerich Machold (founder of textile), Wenzel Franz Olbrich (significant mayor).

Natural traits

Uhlířský vrch (672 m) - an extinct volcano

Four-row linden avenue - planted at the suggestion of Commander Freiherr von Riedheim 250 years ago

Kostel Panny Marie Pomocné na Uhlířském vrchuLipová alej na Uhlířský vrch


Municipal Theatre, cinema Centrum, Museum, Gallery In the chapel, the old Club for Bruntal - lectures, concerts of classical music, Club of friends of music - classical music concerts, Africa Pub - rock concerts


Ski lift and ski trails in Uhlířský vrch, an artificial ice rink, wellness center, municipal swimming pool, sports center with bowling, squash and skittles, indoor go-kart rental, tennis courts, table tennis hall, sports hall, hiking and biking trails.

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