Traditional bicycle race for professionals and amateurs around the Slezská Harta Dam, with 65 km and 35 km distances and starting in Horní Benešov.

The start of the race dates back to 2010 and it was more for fun, with one track running around Slezská Harta than today. The start was in Bruntál (Uhlířský Vrch) in first years. The idea to create a regular sport event on the territory of the microregion, which will become a tradition, was established between the mayors of Slezská Harta Mikroregion one year before the bicycle race around Slezská Harta started. Every year, this event had a different concept, when it crystallized into its present form with stable tracks and stable backgrounds. The great popularity of this race among cyclists involved in the beautiful country of the dam was impulse to organize the race more professionally in terms of organization, backgrounds, tracks, etc. The base, and therefore the start and finish of the race, has been for several years in Horní Benešov.

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Photogalerry 2017


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